Sailor surprises her sailor husband with wedding dress reveal in photoshoot

“So today was extra special! Check out this husband, who JUST returned from deployment, see his wife in her wedding dress for the first time!!! Ashley + Sebastian have been apart for the past 8 months and when they called to set up a shoot on Valentine’s Day we knew it was going to be special. The twist? She was going to change into a wedding dress and surprise her husband on the beach. Due to an illness and circumstance, they were married in jeans and t-shirts at a courthouse, they couldn’t stand to be a part a moment longer.

Sebastian had never seen his wife in a wedding dress and when his wife talked him into doing a photoshoot on Valentine’s day the day after he returned, he had no idea what she actually had in store! His reaction was priceless!! Thank you to all of the Men and Women out there like Sebastian and Ashley for your selflessness, your sacrifice, and your service. WE APPRECIATE YOU!”
– Jenna Lee