Military daughters’ photos show the reality of how long we have been at war

Since October of 2001, the United States has been in constant conflict in Afghanistan. Likewise, the Iraq War lasted nearly nine year, officially ending in 2011.

With the “War on Terror” beginning on September 11, 2001, children who were born on the day of the attack are now nearly old enough to enlist in the military without the consent of their parents. The same generation has also seen their service member parents head off to war for over seventeen years.

Such is the case for Reddit user “kat_doge,” whose father deployed to Iraq in 2003. Taking a photo with her sister, the two can be seen wearing jackets commemorating the date of their father’s deployment.

“My dad was deployed in the first wave of the Iraq invasion in 2003,” she posted.


Now, the two sisters are once again donning denim jackets, this time with a new date: 10/19/18.

“He just deployed to Afghanistan 15 years later,” she wrote, “so my sister and I recreated our pic from the day he left in ‘03.”

War has been a constant part of life for these young women, and begs another question: will they (or their children) end up wearing new denim jackets in the future?


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