Soldier in tears after overcoming battle with leukemia

Last August while serving the country, Specialist Malcolm Montgomery learned that he would be preparing for another kind of battle. A morning that started out like every other quickly turned into a day that he would never forget. Spc. Montgomery was getting ready for PT when his life changes. He told WCNC, “I was not feeling well and I told my leadership. And they told me, hey we will send somebody to watch you and after PT you can go to the hospital. Well, when they went down to get somebody I passed out. So all I remember is waking up in the back of an ambulance, getting hooked up, it was nerve wracking. Once I got to the hospital they checked my blood and my white blood cells were pretty much gone.”

But with support from his family, Spc. Montgomery has beaten leukemia. To commemorate his victory Spc. Montgomery rang the bell but the tears in his eyes caroled much louder.

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