Soldier plans photo-shoot for girlfriend to surprise her with homecoming and proposal

“A year ago, Nate Zimmerly (@natty_zimmm) reached out to me and mentioned that he wanted to propose to his girl, Adriana Richards (@adri_richards). Well, it turns out that Nate was actually deployed overseas at the time with the U.S. Army, and only had a week or two of leave to come home. So instead of alerting his lady and warning her of his homecoming, he cooked up a little plan of his own. Nate presented the most dreamy and romantic idea to Matt Barela (@matito96), who then reached out to Ashia Mosley (@ashiamosleyphotography) and me (@nikkkidodge) for some back-up on this special day. Nate had us play photo shoot with Adriana and drag her all around the city of Austin, making her think that her soldier simply wanted some special pictures of her. After many outfit changes and very strategic planning, the group had Adriana end the day in her stunning red dress at Mount Bonnell in Austin, which just so happened to be Nate and Adriana’s special “spot” (obviously the perfect planning of Nate). As anyone could assume, wearing a bright red formal gown on a hiking trail will raise some uncertain looks from bystanders, HAHA. Eventually we set Adriana up in position to sneak Nate in behind her, and from then on their love inevitably took ahold of the story. Amazing reunion and even more sentimental proposal!” – Nikki Dodge Photography



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