Soldier shares affectionate reunion with loving German Shepard

Soldiers are the pride of every nation. Soldiers defend the pride and the honor of their motherhood with his life and blood. He has to rise above his own self to defend his nation. To be a solder you have to be disciplined, loyal, strong, and to have a team spirit. Their example serves as a beacon light to others who are tame and cowardly. Their lives are a source of inspiration to the youth of the nation. They serve the nation to the best of their ability.

He needs to overcome the oppressive regimes of nature and in thunder, lightning or rain, extraordinary hot or cold, in deserts, mountain or oceans, day and night battle constantly for the learning of his country. He needs to sacrifice his family life, be far from his kids, just to the save the life of other kids.

However, having a life of a soldier is not quite easy. They have to be away from their families, their loved ones and their pets. Some people are so connected with their pets that they can’t spend a day without them. This soldier had to spent more than 9 months away from his best friend, his German Shepard.

Freyja the German Shepard hasn’t seen her best friend in 9 months. She had no idea he was home from deployment in the Middle East. From the sound of things, this German Shepherd is really excited that her soldier human is home. She couldn’t stop giving him hugs and kisses. You can see how excited she is, that her best friend is finally home! How amazing!

It’s really hard to be separated from the ones you love and soldiers know that the best. It can be also hard on those we care about who don’t understand why they have to go.

When soldiers are deployed, their absence is felt not only by family and friends but also by their dogs. Dogs can fell confused and abandoned, but this video shows us that everything goes away when they see their buddy after a long time. Still, wonder why dogs are called man’s best friend? Just look at this video again and you will find out everything about true love!

Here is another amazing video of a soldier reunited with his loyal dog after six months and we can’t handle it how much emotions are in this video!

Forget Romeo and Juliet, this adorable reunification of Romeo and P.J Smith is a true love story. This is the heart-warming moment a dachshund sniffs out his owner who returned home from Air Force training after six months. As Romeo was in the garden, P.J. hid in his room and almost as soon as the devoted pup caught his scent he ran excitedly through the house.

The happy wiener dog, running from one side of P’s bed to the other. He can sniff him alright, but he can’t get up on the bed. So much love, so much happiness! These are the videos that bring tears of joy into our eyes!

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