Soldier shares emotional reunion with his mother after 9 months overseas

Mom spent 9 months hoping her son would make it home from Afghanistan live and well. When Pvt. Kenny Joel Garcia finally came home, she reacted like any mom would. She burst into tears and she hugged him so hard! She started thanking God for bringing her son home and she said it a lot of times! She is so grateful! However, we know those are happy tears and once again the family is together!

This soldier was in on it. His girlfriend was in on it. A lot of planning and a ton of love went into this homecoming surprise for mom. Nine months is a long time to go without seeing your child. Which is why this mother didn’t let her son go after he returned from nine months of deployment.

This brave soldier names Kenny Joel Garcia is only 24-years-old he lives in Queens and he waited and planned this surprise with his girlfriend Hannah Long. They wanted to make the reunion as special as possible.

n the video, Pvt. Garcia can be seen walking through a hallway holding flowers for his mom. He waited for her as she came around the corner, knowing that she had no idea he would be on the other side of the door. She takes one look at her son gives out a joyous yell, hugs him and doesn’t let go. “Ahhhhhhhhh, mi niño! Mi niño! Gracias mi Señor! (My son, my son. Thank you, Lord!)”. What an incredible reunion!

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