Soldier shares sweet homecoming with his wife and kids

“After 9 months, 3 holidays, 2 birthdays and too many sleepless nights to count…he’s back.

This deployment has seen many ups and downs in our marriage, our relationships with others and with the kids. But we made it and are stronger and better than ever.

I have been dreaming about this day since the moment we saw him walk away, load up on a bus and ride down the road not to return for a very long time. Aña was 10 days’ shy of 3 months and Leo was a little over 1 ½ years old and they bravely sent their daddy on his way to fulfill his duties as a U.S soldier.

I am so thankful he returned safe and sound. We are very fortunate, not every family has that wonderful reunion. My heart aches for the gold star families, your sacrifice will never be forgotten.” –J. Arroyo

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