Soldier Surprises Girlfriend After Football Game

“My boyfriend surprised me at my last first football game. This was a big game for me and I hoped that he could be there. However, the Wednesday night before the football game on Friday, he told me that his leave wasn’t granted. I was still suspicious until he wasn’t at the football game but his family was. At that point, I knew that he wasn’t there. After the game, I changed out of my color guard uniform and walked out to meet my mom with my best friend. We were talking and I didn’t even notice my boyfriend standing there until he hollered to me. Apparently, everyone knew what was going on but me.. and my best friend had told him that I knew so he changed his plan. This was definitely one of the best nights of my life, I got to see my boyfriend after months apart and he was able to see me perform. And his brother recorded it! Perfection.” – Jennie Clements

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