Soldier surprises mom at family bonfire

“At the young age of five my son has wanted to serve in the military. It was during his junior year of high school that he came to me and asked if we could meet with the Army National Guard. He left that meeting a better man and I an extremely proud mom. It was in early June of this year, very shortly after high school graduation, that he boarded the plane to begin his dream. He decided that he wanted to go straight to AIT (advanced training) right after graduating Basic Combat Training. It was going to be a long six months without him home.

He called recently and told me that his graduation date would be December 15th but since he was graduating as an Honor Graduate he would have the opportunity to go through more advanced training. I was left speechless in happiness but I was also a bit sad. I had hoped to have him home for Christmas but I didn’t expect it.

I was somewhat surprised when my sister sent an invite to have a bonfire at her home on December 5th 2015, even more surprising was to see that much of the family made it, ones that are usually unable to. But the biggest surprise was yet to come as you will see.

Gifts under the tree are nice but gifts such as these are priceless and endless. I am blessed with an amazing family and without their help Tyler wouldn’t have been able to pull this off. Did I mention that he has had this planned since December of LAST year…before he even left!

My boy, my son, PFC Sidock has such a huge caring and loving heart.

This Momma has received the best gift ever!”