Soldier’s family gathered for baby christening are surprised to learn it’s a wedding

Just as everyone was ready to take their seats in the church for eight-month-old Ronnie’s christening, the priest revealed to the guest that before they witness the dedication of the baby to Christ, they will be witnessing the couple’s declaration of love.

Due to British Colour Sergeant Sean Kirkham’s military career the couple had to cancel their previous ceremony that was scheduled for last July when Sgt. Kirkham was sent away to Kenya.

Bride Samantha decided to combine Ronnie’s christening with a birthday party for their 2-year-old son, little Sean and a going away celebration for Sgt. Kirkham, who was shipping out on a tour to Africa.

“We were married and then able to get Ronnie christened as a married couple. “The surprise this time round really made up for the fact we had to cancel the wedding in 2016” said Samantha.