Soldier’s homecoming secret gives family emotional reaction

“After spending 8 months away from family I decided not to tell any members of my family when I was coming home from deployment. As the day came for me to finally get boots on ground in my own state, I surprised my brother Steven first in Southern California. The following day we both drove up to Fresno, CA where this reaction video took place. Words can’t describe the amount of emotion behind a homecoming so I felt it was necessary to have it all on film. Enjoy!”
–Joseph Watanabe

“So glad my lil bro made it home! There as so many Soldiers who make the ultimate sacrifice and don’t make back to US soil alive and my heart goes out to those families!! Not only did Joey who is the youngest of us boys in the family come home safe my brother Steven and Scott did as well!! Thanks For Your Service guys and also to those who watch over us now! Hoooah!!!” –Bryan Watanbe