Soldier’s surprise leaves family speechless with help of an old friend

“My friend Donald and I met while working at Wal-Mart a year ago. He decided it was time to do something more and enlisted in the Army. I went my own way and found a new job and was working one day when I received a call from him saying he would be home for Christmas and New Years and wanted to set up a surprise for his family. For two months we had back and forth phone calls coming up with different ideas on how to surprise his parents and brothers. We decided that I would pick him up from the Airport (New Orleans – MSY) and do some quick present shopping. After I brought him back to my house where he could wrap his gifts, take a shower, and change into his uniform. We then set out to his parents’ house close by. He had me drop him off on the road behind his house and he began to sneak in through the back door while I distracted his parents and brothers out front with the promise of presents he had ordered and had delivered to my house only to bring them to his house. I sent him a text on my way to my car with his family behind me, and after a few moments outside he made his presence known. The reaction was worth the two months wait and planning.” – Christopher H.