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5. Marine gives big sister touching well wishes before surprising her on wedding day

“A little back story: Joseph (my husband) was supposed to be away on a ship op preparing for an upcoming deployment at the time of his sister, Katie’s, wedding. Because of this, we made a video of him talking about Katie and congratulating her for her to see on her big day so that he could be a part of it.

It was not until about a week before the wedding that we found out that he was slated to go to a school and would have the opportunity to forego the ship op and attend the wedding! So we showed her the video anyways, and recorded her reaction. Then, when she *thought* she was going to have her first look with her soon to be husband, she was surprised to see Joseph standing there! (Don’t worry, she still had a wonderful private first look after they reset!!)” -Audrey Logan


4. Choir sings impromptu ‘Battle Hymn of Republic’ for fallen soldier aboard flight

As Diane Hollifield Cupp was on her returning flight from Germany to Atlanta after touring a concentration camp she had no idea that she would be on the same flight as a WWII soldier. But when the Iowa Ambassadors of Music Choir began singing ‘Glory, glory, Hallelujah’ as they let the soldier of the plane, “to see those young people do that just melted my heart,” she told Channel 2 Action News. “It was absolutely beautiful, to see the respect that these kids had, I just had to capture it.”

3. Toddler’s amazing act of respect to Marines caught on camera

2-year-old Swayer couldn’t resist acknowledging the U.S. Marines as him and his family walked along the tarmac at the Houston airport. The flag bearing Marines seemed proud to shake his hand in this heartwarming moment.


2.Soldier surprises his mother and daughters after 400-day deployment

“Laura is a friend of ours, and she contacted us a few weeks ago with an awesome idea in mind. Her husband, Jimmy, is a CW4 in the U.S. Army and had been overseas for 400 days. The day he was deployed, was also the day his daughter left for her first day of college. So when Laura got the call that her husband was coming back home, she wanted to make a big deal about it. He landed in Tulsa on May 10, but had to keep quiet because he had a long day ahead. He was going to surprise his three daughters, and his mother all in the same day! There was definitely a lot of emotion in each surprise. It was actually a little hard for us to film, as we had to stay focused and try to not get emotional ourselves! All we can say after spending just one afternoon with this family, is that they are amazing. The strength and love that they have for one another is something we would film every day if we had the chance. We are extremely grateful to have been a part of this exciting day, and even more grateful to have Jimmy fight for our country.”


1. Airman returns from Afghanistan for emotional reunion with all 5 of his daughters

“I had the pleasure of doing a friend’s hair and then following her to the flight line to pick up her husband from a deployment so that I could video for her! Sweetest moment ever and I’m so glad to be a part of it!!!They have 5 girls that they surprised and they cried equally as hard. So glad they have their main man back!” – Katie Casali

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