‘The Rock’ surprises Purple Heart veteran with new car in emotional recognition

After serving 3 tours in Iraq, during which she survived 2 roadside bombs, one of which ending in a firefight between her and enemies until she passed out; U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Marlene Rodriguez was left with traumatic brain injury and PTSD and even worse, the guilt of losing a soldier. After receiving the Purple Heart (an award that she felt she didn’t deserve because she lost a soldier) Marlene faced chastisement from others because her injuries weren’t visible.

Determined to maintain a connection with the military, Marlene began working with the Military Warrior Support Foundation, an organization that makes sure veterans and their families are guaranteed a place to live.

Under the ruse of being interviewed about her charity work, The Rock catches Marlene completely off guard when he appears behind her. But meeting her favorite wrestler turned actor was just the first of many surprises The Rock had in store. Next, he presented her with tickets to the premiere of his new movie, “Baywatch”. Then ‘The Rock’ unveiled the new 2018 Ford Mustang and presented it to Marlene. Still in disbelief it wasn’t long before the tears were flowing.