U.S. Army Specialist Surprises His Mom & Step Dad for Christmas

“My brother, Kyle, wasn’t supposed to come home from Afghanistan until mid-January, but (little did my parents know) he was actually coming home for Christmas! We plotted and planned for months. After much debate over how we should surprise them, we decided on this course of action. It couldn’t have gone better!

When my brother got home late Friday night, I had to hide him for the weekend until Monday (the day of the surprise). The previous week, I had called my step dad’s boss and told him about our plan. He suggested we walk into a morning meeting that they have daily. Monday morning came and we got into a limo to go to my step dad’s work. Then we walked into the meeting to surprise him, as you see in the video.

Next, we kidnapped him and got back into the limo. My mother, my aunts and my daughter were just getting home from Disney, so we knew we had to surprise them upon their return at the airport. My aunt was in on it, so she was able to let us know when they were approaching. Boy, were they shocked! Everything was perfect, and now my mother actually looks forward to Christmas again since my little brother is home safe!” -Lauren

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