U.S. Marine, Home From Deployment, Surprises Mother on Christmas Morning

“Christmas of 2010, we got word that my brother who had been away at war would not be able to come home for Christmas. My family woke up Christmas morning just like every year, except missing my brother. As everyone was waking up, there was LOUD pounding on the front door, and I had no idea what was going on, until I opened the door to see my brother standing there yelling ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS!’ It was one of the best days of my life and the most amazing surprise and gift that I could have asked for on Christmas. I bet my father would have liked to have known & been prepared just so that he could have gotten my reaction on video.

My mother wasn’t at the house yet when he came home, but we hid him in a bedroom just before she walked in. She took off her coat, sat down and started to relax. Very little to her knowledge that her biggest wish was about to come true and hiding only 20 feet away from her instead of hundreds of miles away! Here is her reaction when she sees him. It’s very heart warming, loving, happy, sad, tearful & I can’t help but get choked up each time I watch it.”

-Brittany W.

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