U.S. Marine Surprises His Sister During College Graduation

“My twin sister Kacy graduated with her Bachelors degree on May 4th 2013 and her one regret is that our brother Michael, an active duty Staff Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, could not be here for her big day. She was so upset, I even tried to arrange to have him here but he was deploying less than two weeks after the graduation date and said there was no way they would let him leave so close to a 6 month deployment. Her big day came, and she was so excited but sad he was not there with the rest of our family. This is what happened next.

I didn’t have a clue that he had secretly been planning this surprise with our Mother for weeks! She was in shock as you can see, as was myself and everyone who was not told. Not a dry eye in the entire 5,000 person crowd. An amazing moment to witness.  I will never forget it and I’m sure no one there will either. We miss him and cant wait for his return! Semper Fi!”

-Lacy. B.