U.S. Marine Surprises Mom During Staged Work Meeting

“My son, LCPL Eric P., is a Helicopter Mechanic at the Marine Corps Air Station New River, with the Marine Heavy Helicopter Training Squadron 302. He had been planning a 10-day leave to come home and spend some time with friends and family. He called me about month before his leave and said, ‘Mom, I have bad news. I can’t come home when I thought.’

Well, I come to find out after the surprise that he did this white lie so he could surprise me. My better half Joe, works at the same corporation that I do. Eric went to Joe for help and they worked with my boss and his department to create a meeting that my boss delegated me to attend on his behalf. I arrived at the meeting, and the meeting kept getting delayed. Finally, Joe walks in the door and in his silly way… says hello… And then I saw my Marine… total shock.

Eric, Joe, my boss, our friends at work, and our friends in the community all knew and kept this secret from me. Eric was so careful on his trip home to only text message his friends; he stayed off of Facebook for fear his location would show on any posts and that I would know he was on his way home. His precautions worked as I was totally blown away by his arrival in his Dress Blues at my office. So much planning went into this surprise for this momma that was really missing her son!”

–Joy P.

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