U.S. Marine Surprises Mom & Sister on Christmas Eve

After telling his mother (me) he couldn’t make it home from deployment after over a year and a half of being away, Michael came home and surprised me and his sister on Christmas Eve. Lidiya asked all of us to sit in the living room because she had a message from Michael to read to us and this is what he said:

“Hey, everyone. I asked Lidiya to do me a favor and read this message. I want to let you know that I love each and every one of you very much. I would give up everything to be home with you all this Christmas. It’s really hard being away from family during the holidays. Mom, I got your surprise; Jocelyn gave it to me this morning. Thank you so much. It really helps being able to open gifts, but I want to tell everyone something. Christmas isn’t about the material things like the presents under the tree. To me, it’s about being with your family and being thankful to have one another and to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, so I asked Lidiya to give everyone a hug and kiss for me. I sent everyone a gift. You should be getting them soon. I’ve been tracking them, I hope you all like it! Tomorrow, on your Christmas Day, I’m going to try and Skype with everyone. I want to see you all open gifts, so this way I can feel like I’m there. Well, I have to get going now. I love you all so much! I hope you have an amazing Christmas and I’ll talk to you soon. I just have one last question to ask… Do you Believe in Santa? Because I do… The only thing I asked Santa for this year was to be home with my family. SURPRISE!!!!!

And he came walking into the living room! “OH MY GOD!” haha.  Can you count how many times I said it? I hope you enjoy our video. I was in complete shock.  The best surprise EVER!

-Laurie C.

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